Industry Opportunities

Geocore enables location-based services in a wide range of industries, such as:
  • Travel and Leisure: discover interesting locations recommended by friends on social media, learn important cultural information, enjoy a curated restaurant or city guide or receive safety alerts to enhance your vacation.
  • Shopping and Fashion: discover new retailers and shopping bargains nearby, or shops recommended by friends in your social network.
  • Entertainment Events: allow fans attending concerts, sports events or festivals to unlock special or location specific content, meet other people based on common interests.
  • Fitness: increase motivation through distance tracking and gamification, automatically check in to your fitness club.
  • Gaming: add location based features to mobile games, find other users nearby with whom to compete.
  • Advertising and Marketing: target consumers with related products and services based on their current location.
  • Child Safety: rest easy knowing that your child has safely arrived home through automatic tracking and notification.
  • Real Estate: a range of residential and commercial real estate tracking and property listing apps are possible.
  • Enterprise: facilitate location based collaboration, quickly locate travelling employees, discover internal subject matter experts in your area.
  • App developers: integrate geo-targeted push notifications, gather analytic data about where users are using your apps.

Customer Examples/ Quotes

  • NTT NaviSpace: SanPotora point game
  • Hypareal: innovative new residential real estate app for the Australian and Southeast Asian markets
  • Large Hill: location game
  • MapMotion travel apps


In conjunction with the Geocore launch, MapMotion is actively seeking partnerships with the following types of companies:
  • App developers
  • Marketers & ad agencies
  • Gaming companies & social game networks
  • Systems integrators
  • Leading SDK/development environments
  • Point-of-interest location data suppliers
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