Why MapMotion?

GPS is included on most smartphones today, making location an important way for consumers to filter and discover pertinent information about the world around them.

But geolocation apps are hard to develop, deploy and manage. App developers find it challenging to integrate location datasets, GPS tracking technologies, and robust options for security. Marketers want to run more targeted, location-based mobile campaigns but lack the expertise. And retailers and brands are increasingly releasing smartphone applications but often fail to provide a sufficiently engaging app experience to consumers.

Comprehensive Platform

MapMotion’s Geocore is a comprehensive geolocation platform, containing a full stack of geo-related functions to ensure a smooth and compelling user experience, advanced gamification capabilities to drive user interactions and reward customers, and a push notifications module to deliver pertinent geo-targeted information to users. This combination of solutions can significantly enhance user engagement and customer loyalty in the new smartphone app era (economy/ecosystem).

For developers, MapMotion’s Geocore offers a robust set of APIs and smartphone SDKs to easily enable a range of GPS services and location-based games. MapMotion hosts and manages all geolocation-oriented data, allowing developers to focus on user interface design and other app features.

Development Expertise

Companies can utilize MapMotion’s development expertise to rapidly roll out new geo-enhanced mobile marketing campaigns and branded apps. Marketers can leverage MapMotion’s application modules and development expertise to rapidly release smartphone apps with compelling geolocation and push notifications features. We manage the service entirely in the cloud and provide clients with a range of location-focused statistics and app engagement analytics.

MapMotion is also interested in partnerships with distributors, ad agencies, development environment suppliers and location data suppliers to help us deliver leading-edge geolocation apps and mobile services to the Asia-Pacific marketplaces and beyond. Contact us anytime with your ideas!

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